17th April 2018

Dress Code Rules & Regulations

Not Acceptable anywhere at Orsett

  • Football shirts, rugby shirts or tracksuits
  • Blouson type leather or denim jackets
  • Tee shirts
  • Any shirt worn outside trousers or shorts
  • Trousers tucked into socks
  • Sports shorts, beach shorts, ¾ length trousers, combat/safari trousers, trousers with cargo pockets or trousers with elasticated or draw string waist
  • Trainers or other unsuitable footwear
  • Shoes without socks
  • Items bearing large logo’s
  • Blue denim clothing or blue denim jeans
  • Tracksuits or shell suits
  • Bare midriffs

Not Acceptable In the Clubhouse

  • Hats and caps anywhere in the Clubhouse
  • Specialty crew neck shirts in the Club bar, Whitmore Lounge or Restaurant
  • Shorts in the Whitmore Lounge (after 7 pm) or Restaurant at any time
  • Waterproof or wind protection golf clothing in the Club Bar, Whitmore Lounge or Restaurant.
  • Golf shoes in the Club Bar, Whitmore Lounge, Restaurant or the Clubhouse front Foyer.
  • Wet or soiled clothing


  • Shirts- at social functions where a smart casual dress policy has been indicated, casual shirts may be worn un-tucked
  • Shorts – with special permission from the General Manager can be worn in the Restaurant
  • Socks – must be sports trainer, slipper, white ankle or single colour knee length.
  • Children – tolerance will be given to children under the age of 11

Behaviour Standards

On the course members are expected to display the highest standards of golf course etiquette. We have very few complaints relating to etiquette but would nevertheless like to re-affirm some examples of good practice.


  • Always repair pitch marks
  • Always replace divots
  • Always rake bunkers
  • Always replace rake in a position where it will not trap a ball on a down slope at the front of the bunker
  • Always lower the flag stick with hand, foot or club; never just drop it on the green
  • Always avoid slow play – ensure you keep up with the group in front, not in front of the group behind
  • Always call any following group through should you lose one clear hole for two consecutive holes
  • Always call the group behind through if they are waiting while you search for a ball
  • Always use paths where provided
  • Always keep buggies to the side of the fairway but out of the deep rough
  • Always keep buggies at least 3 meters from greens
  • Always be safe, better to shout ‘fore’ unnecessarily, than not to shout at all

Conversely- Please Do Not

  • Never take trolleys, ride-ons or buggies on to tees, inside the greenside bunker line or close to the greens
  • Never practice on the course with more than two balls
  • Never walk in front of partners who have yet to play their shot
  • Never take buggies or ride-ons between the 18th green and the clubhouse
  • Never play towards working Green Staff, golfers or members of the public until they have acknowledged you and called you up


  • The Club Captain and Ladies Captain have priority on the course and should be invited through in general play
  • Inter Club matches, Club knockout competitions, always have priority
  • Two balls have priority at all times apart from Bank Holidays and weekends regardless of whether you are keeping up with the match in front and must be let through.
  • Changing shoes is now allowed in the car park
  • Swearing, rowdy or confrontational behaviour is not acceptable at any time
  • Mobile phones must be switched off or in silent mode and only answered or used in the Clubhouse foyer’s or car park
  • We all need to warm up, but don’t take practice swings on the tee
  • The official starting tees for general play are only the 1st, 6th and 14th holes, other tees may only be used if authorisation is given by the General Manager or the Professional.
  • Players beginning their game must alternate with those coming through the 5th, 13th or 18th holes, giving priority in the alternating system to these players. Unless the group coming through is part of an official tee closure, if so then that group has priority until the last group of the tee closure has cleared. Players in the group coming through from the 18th 5th or 13th must all be on the green putting out or have completed the hole for the alternating procedure to be operative. Correspondingly the group waiting to tee off on these holes must be complete and waiting by the teeing area.

Complaints If you have a complaint about the conduct of another person or employee on or off the Course, point out their error to them in a polite and civil way. Alternatively talk or write to, the General Manager who will deal with the matter. If the person involved seeks to argue or become unpleasant, or for some reason it is not possible to speak to them, find out their name and report the incident to the General Manager.