17th Tee – An Update

As many of you will have seen, work to renew the 17th tee complex is now well underway. The majority of the tree work is now completed, with the large oaks now removed and many of the lower limbs and canopies raised.

A rough pathway has been cut in allowing the re-alignment of all the tees. Spoil from previous works was imported to the area to form the new widths and banks of the tees, these were then carefully aligned to the centre of the fairway with permanent reference points fitted so the correct angles and centre lines were created.

The rootzone has now been added and each teeing area has been levelled using a laser level, the turf will be added in a couple of weeks, this gives the rootzone time to settle prior to the turf being laid.Next week the main path will cut in and over the coming weeks, wooden edges laid, type 1 base followed by the plastic grid system and finally the pea shingle.

The steps to each tee will be constructed and added as well as a new boundary fence, then mother nature will allow this area to recover before play begins from it in the first quarter of 2020

In addition you will see there has been a new, extended path added to hole 16, this type 1, wooden edged path will have new turfs laid to its edges to assist the blending in. It is hoped that the addition of this will allow the extended use of this notoriously wet part of the course throughout this year.

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Holes 1-18 are open, all trolleys and buggies excluding 16 & 17 see signs.