17th Tee Complex – Winter 2019-20 Project

The primary aim of this project is to improve the teeing options, improve light and airflow to the teeing complex as well as re-aligning the tee complex

We will remove the hawthorn on the path, the large oak bows over hanging yellow tee, a small oak next to ladies tee on the left hand side and 2 oaks at the end of path. This to open the area for wider tees and to improve light and airflow to the tee. This will assist in the relocation of the new pathway.

Old step sleepers will be taken away and the turf will be removed from the sides of each tee.

The new path will be marked out and excavated.

Stone and shale from the path will be stored nearby and any good soil from the path will be used to build and widen tees.

Irrigation will be replaced wherever necessary.

Slopes and tee banks will be softened for safety and steps will be replaced on each tee using sleepers and anti-slip matting.

The tee areas will be made larger to allow for all year round play and better recovery, in addition it shall be slightly re-aligned to look toward the centre of the fairway.

The new path that we will install will have a wooden retained edge down both sides and will have a subbase using any salved stone and type 1 aggregate.

It will finally be covered with the pea shingle and the honeycomb grid system as used on hole 10 & 11. A low level fence will be added alongside the path to ensure buggies stay on path and do not cut through long grass down the slope towards the 17th fairway.

The path area to the side of the main tees will be widened to allow parking for buggies, and have a bin, ball washer and bench nearby.

Whilst this work is underway we will also extend path at bottom of the hill on 16th to allow better access to trollies and buggies during winter. This path will be made up of type 1 shale to match in with the existing path that runs through the trees up the hill. Any holes and exposed roots will also be covered.

A new rabbit fence will be added down the far side of the new tee but slightly further away than it is at the moment to allow access for grass cutting machinery and to reduce the unsightly buildup of leaves next to the tee.

During the work an area in front of the current ladies tee will be levelled and a temporary tee mat will be provided. A path will be cut through the trees to allow access to the temporary tee avoiding the work being undertaken.

Once this is completed the teams attention will move to hole 3 where the greenside bunkers will undergo extensive renovation.

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Holes 1-18 are open, all trolleys and buggies excluding 16 & 17 see signs.