2018-19 Winter Works

Winter Works 2018-19

Holes 10 & 12

During the off season of 2018-19 it is intended to undertake 2 major projects and 1 smaller one. Hole 10 will have both the tees refurbished, aligned and path realigned the greenside bunkers will be refurbished to bring them into keeping with previous works. The left hand greenside bunker on hole 12 will be re-shaped and refurbished.

Hole 10

The gent’s tee has suffered for several years with an ailing retaining sleeper poor sunlight, airflow and sprinkler coverage. Due to the narrow width of the tee it can create high wear areas.

The plan is to remove the hawthorn tree and its roots that is presently the centre of the path turning circle and to slightly widen the rear of the tee to provide increased tee options when using either the whites or blues. The tee would be levelled and finished on the path side with a slight slope and a retaining sleeper. Improved irrigation would be installed to ensure improved water coverage of the tee and its surrounds. The path would be straightened and re-aligned to dissect between the gents and ladies tees, the path would be finished in the shale material we presently use. The turf will then be removed from the Ladies tee, the irrigation upgraded, a sleeper edge to reflect the Men’s tee installed, finally the tee would be levelled and re-turfed.

During this works the hole will either be played from the ladies tee or as a par three from the end of the fairway before the drop away.

The greenside bunkers presently still contain a fabric liner, the right hand side bunkers will have their liners and turf surrounds removed, these will then be shaped and excavated to enable the installation of a rivetted wall. Any additional depth shall be created by digging down. The base shall be levelled and finished using the upside-down turfing technique that is familiar. The surrounding areas will be shaped in such a way that the ball would be gathered into the centre of the bunkers.

The surrounds of all of these bunkers will have new & improved rootzone installed, be re-turfed and upgraded irrigation installed in an attempt to improve the grass coverage in what is a notoriously high wear area.

The left hand greenside bunker shall have it’s surround re-shaped, the retaining wall removed and re-installed with new rivets to create a fair, yet challenging shot for all Members. The base shall be levelled and finished using the upside-down turf.

The path leading to the 11th tee will be excavated, levelled and have new edging and pathway shale installed.

During this works the hole shall be played to a temporary green on the right hand side at the end of the fairway to allow easy flow of play to the 11th tee.

Hole 12

Following the successful removal of the greenside oak tree in January 2018 the area has started to recover, however, in order to improve this area further the left hand greenside bunker will be reshaped, the left hand side of the bunker will be extended so as to mirror the shape of the right hand greenside bunker. The base shall be levelled and finished using the upside-down turf and the face rivetted. The surround of this bunker shall be softened to enable increased and improved maintenance, improved playability as well as easier access and egress.

During days when this work is undertaken this will render the hole unplayable we shall revert to using the short game practice hole.

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