Mid November – Course Update

Today marks the last day for Team A of Perry, Trevor & Cassidy, they will now be furloughed for the final 2 weeks of lockdown. Team B will return with Ian, Aaron, Darryl & John taking over, Aaron has recovered from his positive Covid-19 test although he remained asymptomatic throughout.

The clearance work that many of you will have seen on holes 1 & 2 is now complete and will be left to recover over the coming weeks and months. As you can see from the photo, there is already evidence of good growth. The ongoing task of verti draining the course will continue, this slow process will encourage better grass coverage across the course next year with the added holes brining a welcome gasp of oxygen deep in the soil.

The area around the Clubhouse and first tee has been strimmed and tidied, an emergency repair of the rabbit fence on the driveway was completed after someones car had clearly collided with it.

The team have re distribute pathway infills around the tee on hole 12 alongside the 11th green and at the bottom of the path on hole 11, the 12th tee has then been backfilled with new pathway material, this has been rolled and wacker plated down to create a better draining area around this tee. Both areas will be wackered down again when the material dries over the next few days. Click on the photo’s opposite for larger images.

Team B’s main task in their first week will be edging, weeding, repairing  the bunkers as well as & re distributing  the sand. They will be tidying the area around the 6th and 12th greens trimming all of gorse using hand tools and clearing any debris to improve the aesthetics of these two green surrounds.

We will continue to keep you all updated of the ongoing works during the closure.

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