28th September 2018

Vets Section


The origins are to be found amongst the Wed golfers, during the 1970’s, and the idea was frequently discussed by the board.

Names of Golfers, from that era, included: –

R.Joye, G.Tivehurst, S.Whiting, B.Payne, B.Grayling, S.Grey, P.Ryer, J.Walsham, Drs Coleman, Craig, Colburn, S.Kapur, J.Woodward, F.Barber, P.Scott, A.Shilling, R.Smallcombe

However, it didn’t reach fruition until 1983. Then it was agreed between the following golfers:- Arthur Barnes, Eric Howes, Alan Hale, Noel Grogono, Jack Creighton, Jack March, Ian Craig, Terry Shaw, Doug Sibthorpe and others. (NB the stakes in those days were “Half a crown” or a wrapped “Dunlop 65”)

In 1984, the Orsett Eggs (Elderly Gentleman Golfers) was established, with Captain Bill Newton; Secretary Jim Fage; Treasurer Jack Marsh, with the intention of playing against other clubs, and having a meal afterwards.

The membership in 1986 was 33. Founder members who are still about, include D.Sibthorpe.

The name was changed to Orsett Veterans at a later stage.

It is interesting to note that by 1993 the membership had increased to 59 and had reached 70 by 1999. In 2012 the membership was 77.

Bill Newton introduced veteran’s ties, and fines of £1, for not wearing them at lunches.


1984 W.Newton; 1985 W.Newton; 1986 J.Creighton; 1987 R.Hawes; 1988 A.Miller; 1989 I.Craig; 1990 H.Betts; 1991 D.Fretwell; 1992 J.Findlay; 1993 F.Major; 1994 A.Callaway; 1995 J.Carnaby; 1996 J.outhwaite; 1997 B.Bull; 1998 K.West; 1999 R.Shaw; 2000 F.Seal; 2001 P.Woodcock; 2002 D.Collins; 2003 B.Pember; 2004 N.Wright; 2005 B.Beck; 2006 B.Kurn; 2007 F.Oram; 2008 K.Jones; 2009 B.Triston; 2010 J.Vanner; 2011 N.Rolfe; 2012 B.Lockyer. 2013 P.Purcell; 2014 J.Binding; 2015 M.Gregory; 2016 D.Green; 2017 P.Purcell; 2018 G.Rice; 2019 P. Caller


The first trophy, The Annual Shield (formerly the Egg Shield), was donated by Jack Creighton.

The Jack Marsh Team trophy was introduced in 1992 following his death. The Reg Gullefer Salver was presented by Mrs J Gullefer in 1994. It was her wish that this would be open to “non” vets as well. It was also an individual stableford. When the fixture is published all retired members who had known Reg, were invited to play.

In March 1994, Captain Alan Callaway Introduced the Whisky Trot (4 ball better ball) to be played in Dec.

The John Mayo Shield was presented by his widow in 1995, to be played as an individual stableford.

Arthur Barnes presented the Winter Challenge Cup in 1995. This is a knockout competition between the 15 best scores from a qualifying round held in October, plus the previous winner.

In Feb 1996 we got Board approval to display our trophies in the dining area. In 1998, Ken West presented the player of the Year Cup (League winner). Fred Green presented a trophy, after he retired as secretary, to be played for each time we enter a Club mid-week stableford, and returned for the next fixture, normally 4 times a year. This to be played when the blue and white tees are aligned. Agreed with the Gen. Manager in spring 1999.

Other events include the Easter Egg Trot in April, and the Vets Open in June; Also, in June, we play a qualifier for Essex County Veterans Comp.

In Spring and Autumn we used to play against the Ladies section, Format at the discretion of the Lady Captain. However, this appears to have fallen out of favour. In 2003 The John Outhwaite Trophy was presented by his family.

In 2008 Ron Hepting presented Jugs for a pairs comp.

In 2010 John Vanner presented the Tankards for a Texas Scramble.

Ref: John Outhwaite 2002; Fred Oram 2012; Doug Sibthorpe 2012; A.Barnes 2012

Course open, buggies limited to 16 holes. FOLLOW SIGNS