24th February 2020

World Handicap System Information

On November 2nd 2020 the way in which Orsett Golf Club, Essex Golf Union & England Golf administer your handicaps is changing!! We will be moving away from the CONGU handicap system that has been used for many years and will be moving inline with the rest of the world. You will now have a handicap that can take you around the world and help you play on any course with your handicap adjusting to the difficulty of the course you are playing on that day. This will be made possible with the introduction of a “SLOPE” rating for each set of tees on any particular course.

Since 2014 the various Golf Unions about the Country have been rating golf courses in adefined manner. The slope rating of any one course will influence your “Handicap Index” for that day adjusting it up or down. The World Handicap System will affect everyone who plays the game and to help ensure your current CONGU handicap is reflective of your current playing ability we encourage Members to return as many Supplementary Scores as possible during this season. You may register you wish to return a supplementary score on the PSI screens located in either the pro shop or main foyer, following your round you should enter your score on the PSI machine and post your scorecard in the box. This will ensure that when your new WHS is calculated it will be representative of your current ability. Your WHS Index will be calculated by taking the average of the best 8 cards from your last 20 scores returned. This will mean it is more reflective of your current ability.

The WHS system will become far more reliant on technology, with the WHS system sending you e mail updates overnight so wherever you are in the world your handicap will be current. I would certainly advise having the Club App current and updated on your phone so as you have instant access to the information, in addition there will be additional tools soon released to assist you in the administration of your handicap.

On the panel to the right are links to the currentl video tutorials released to assist you towards the transition, if you have any questions then please contact the office where we shall endeavour to answer your query or be able to contact England Golf for additional clarification.

Club and Course Closed due to Latest Government Restrictions